What is the GIA Vision?

The Golf Intelligence Agency was created with one focus: to provide a dependable source for in-depth analysis of tour-caliber golf equipment. GIA has full-time staff dedicated to technology, development, testing, evaluation, photography, and videography which is why we are able to provide a deeper level of equipment information to the public. Our commitment is to provide behind the curtain looks at the elite products, cutting edge product news, a new level of club analysis, and to push the technological envelope. This will, in turn, advance the informational flow to the golf public.

Why is GIA presented the way it is?

GIA’s user interface has been designed to be deliberately simple and user friendly. GIA homepage is designed for the user, not advertisers. GIA’s forum will have discussions that contain credible information/sources and will be focused on the topics that you can’t find anywhere else. We want to create a living, breathing, evolving portal for passionate golfers. GIA’s goal is to focus on tour-caliber golf equipment and to do what we do best, excel at it.

What makes GIA Special?

GIA is the result of the combined efforts of founders who truly know about tour-caliber golf clubs and the golf industry. With 60+ years of combined experience in the golf and technology industries, the founders are responsible for creating, developing, marketing, and selling products that changed the golf industry. There are many sources for photos, forum posts and club reviews. What makes GIA special is that the founders provide a difference-making perspective, access, and insight into the world of tour-caliber golf equipment.