Official Cobra Aerojet DRIVER REVIEW THREAD

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Official Cobra Aerojet DRIVER REVIEW THREAD

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Cobra Aerojet Driver Review

Driver as tested:
Cobra Aerojet LS
Loft in STD spec measured to exactly 8.5 degrees of loft on the face
Face angle is 1.9 degrees open
Shaft is Mitsubishi Tensei 1k White 70TX Untipped
45 inches in length
D4 swingweight
Grip is Super Stroke S-Tech Midsize

Notes about my game and swing:
I play to a 1 handicap with a typical swing speed of 117-120mph. I set the club fully with my wrists, going slightly past parallel in the back swing. Grip is very neutral, path is typically 2.5-3 degrees inside to out, with the club face being 1-2 degrees closed at impact. This results in my normal ball flight being a slight pull draw. My normal angle of attack is around 3.5-4 degrees upward, and my tempo would be described as medium to slightly smooth. Release is late with a bit of hand rotation through impact, and typical miss would be an over draw, which cuts off a few hundred rpm of spin. I tend to like “white” profile shafts with a stiff tip, preferred weight being mid to upper 70 gram range.

A giant Thank you to Cobra for providing these heads for testing and review.

Also a big thank you to Super Stroke for providing not only the grips for this test, but for all GIA testing for the first half of 2023.

Looks: 10/10

With the look of wet carbon being the norm for 2023, Cobra follows this pattern as well. The crown is a charcoal grey carbon with a faint dark grey alignment aid. Cobra pairs this with a jet black face cup that blends perfectly with the crown color to create a subtle framing of the ball with zero distraction. There is also a thin pinstriping around the rear curvature of the crown that gives the illusion of a slightly smaller head. The entire color scheme and framework of this head is just beautiful. It may be my absolute favorite of all 2023 driver offerings, regardless of manufacturer.

Sound/Feel: 9.5/10

Cobra has produced a driver in recent years that has been fairly solid but still slightly metallic for my taste. The difference between say, a traditional TaylorMade head and a Cobra has been noticeable and just ever so slightly off to my admittedly biased ear. This year that gap is nonexistent. It seems as if Cobra has finally captured that sound and feel that gives me a level of satisfaction knowing it's “just right”. The sound is muted. The feel is very lively overall, as if the ball is rebounding off the face and about to travel forever. This is the best sounding Cobra ever, in my opinion, and coming from a lineage of horrendous tin sounding ear damagers such as the L4V, it's an enormous step forward from tragic to perfection.

Distance Performance: 10/10

The LS version of the Aerojet was absolutely perfect from a launch and spin perspective for me. 13 degrees at 2100 rpm with a ball speed at the top end of the driver spectrum for 2023, I could immediately play this club with no regrets. There's really nothing more I could ask for or expect from a driver that the LS doesn't deliver from an overall distance perspective. It retains ball speed well on mishits, the center strikes rival any driver made, and launch was surprisingly a bit higher than I expected but spin remained incredibly low. For a player playing under soft conditions regularly, I can't say there is anything else I would want.

Forgiveness: 9/10

When it comes to forgiveness, I would say all models are doing as they are intended, and even the LS head isn't unforgiving. The super low spin would make you think that shots would be wild. That is not the case at all. For a very low spin, forgiveness is excellent on mishits and ball speed retention seems to also be outstanding. I would say the Aerojet isn't quite point and shoot forgiving, but any reasonable swing yields tremendous results. Only the very worst of swings will penalize you harshly, which is reasonable to expect from any golf club. Aerojet rewards great swings and makes the less than optimal acceptable. What more could be reasonably asked for.

Overall Thoughts:

Had you asked me a week ago, I would have said Cobra LTD Pro was the best driver they had ever produced. Today, my answer is Aerojet LS. Best in class look at address, red white and blue sole graphics, excellent forgiveness, great sound and feel, and performance that rivals anything out there, certainly puts this on my short list of possible gamers for 2023. Sometimes Cobra is viewed as the little brother of the giants of golf. That perception is not warranted, as they are truly an equal competitor in terms of quality and performance. If we were doing a value based on performance rating, Aerojet is the clear winner, and eliminating price from that equation still puts them neck and neck with the competition. If you haven't considered Cobra Aerojet when deciding what to bag for this season, you are doing yourself a true injustice. This driver is as good as anything in the marketplace, and in some ways better than most.

Data coming
Photos coming
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Re: Official Cobra Aerojet DRIVER REVIEW THREAD

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Currently I am hitting the Callaway Mavrik SubZero in 8.5 with Tensei CK White in stiff, tipped an inch. I play my drivers at 44.5” as it provides me the best control while still being able to get correct distances.


The Demo Aerojet and Aerojet Max were set up as a 8.5* neutral setting. The swingweight is approximately D3/D4 with the total length being 45".
The head is shafted with a Mitsubishi Kai’Li. The flex is x-stiff, untipped.
The driver has a Superstroke S-tech grip with one wrap underneath.


My swingspeed has generally been in the high 90's/low 100s, and while I haven’t had the chance to play over winter other than some practice time, my swing was a bit rusty. I felt I made some great swings while testing this driver and I am happy to report the results.


To me, Cobra has made strides in the looks department of their drivers. The 2023 Aerojet line is quite impressive in terms of its look at address. The carbon fiber crown which is becoming the rage of OEM is one of the best I have seen yet. I love the shape of the heads, the subtle hints of the white and blue coupled with the carbon make this one a great looking offering. Other than the 2023 Callaway line, I felt this was the best looking driver of the 2023 heads I hit.


I do not have much experience with Cobra heads in the past, so I was excited to have their best looking head to date as the first I really put through the motions. The sound was a subtle metallic sound at impact. Very pleasing. The LS head was slightly less forgiving on off center hits than the Max version that I hit better. Both were on par with my current driver, but I felt the Max was super-forgiving when I did not put a good swing on. Distance was slightly more than my current by about 6-7 yards and approximately just a few yards less than my current setup with the LS. My spin with the Max was approximately 1960-2100 where the LS was around 1870-1900 which was a slight bit lower than I was wanting. I can see where the LS head is going to give the higher spin player a nice reduction in backspin numbers, but I didn’t really benefit from this head in that regard, in fact, I was spinning less than I felt was a good fit for me.


Cobra has put out a driver that I can see myself playing. The Max head for those needing a bit higher MOI head and the LS for those who might be a bit higher spin player who needs the lower spin qualities of the LS head. Of all the drivers I have hit so far, this is the solid #2 behind the Callaway drivers of 2023. I could easily play this driver as it definitely has the combination of looks and performance that someone in my mid-handicap range would benefit.
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