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    About Me:

    At the time of writing this, and testing the SIM2, I play a Cobra LTD Pro Head at 7* with a Kuro Kage Dual Core 70tx tipped an inch. Ive completely taken out the left side of the golf course, and if I miss, its a bullet way off to the right. The shape is fairly consistent, a low launch rising cut, usually my problems ends up being the starting line, getting a little too much spin, and not finishing through the ball, so I have a lot of confidence with my driver knowing where it’s going to go, or where it’s going if I miss. I have tested almost every driver release since 2016 and I have not yet found anything that I have as much confidence in as my current set up. It’s annoyed a few friends and a few fitters, but I don’t budge much.


    My swing speed on a normal golf course swing is in the high 110s, and when I really crank it, I get it up to mid 120s. Ball speeds tend to fall into the low to mid 170s. I have a slight pause at the top of my back swing. I’d say my tempo is similar to how Jason Day swings.


    Current Cobra numbers on the same day of testing averaged 15* launch, 172mph ball speed, and 3300 spin, which I support being accurate for my typical on course swing.


    I tested this head with several shafts including some Mitsu prototypes, and some Synergy prototypes, and found a shaft and head combo that worked really well. The SIM2 8* head playing at standard loft, and a Synergy Green Proto 75tx shaft tipped an inch, playing at 44.5”.


    “Im not interested in reading this entire review” morale of the story:

    I haven’t been able to pull the trigger on any driver since the launch of the LTD Pro and I have hit everything that has come out. I would switch to this SIM2 setup right now. If you have a consistent, repeatable swing path, and you are confident in your ability to control the face, you’re going to see the performance right away.



    I have always gravitated towards Cobra’s crown styling, and when Taylormade went to the carbon crown on the original M series I immediately recognized the beauty and style of the head that has since garnered incredible popularity and style adaptations from other companies, but something about the more muted feel of the Cobra just fit my eyes better.


    Enter SIM2. The original SIM was a great looking club, muting the colors a little bit but keeping that beautiful carbon look. The SIM2 took everything great about the SIM looks and made tweaks to the few less appealing aspects. I love the look of the carbon on the crown, and how the aluminum ring gives you just a glimpse of color looking down at the club, combined with the more matte paint scheme rather than a glossy flash. I also appreciate going back to a black design instead of the charcoal. They took the SIM naming off of the crown which leaves you with a really pleasing uninterrupted design. I personally wish that the industry as a whole would stop putting little logo marks on the crown behind the ball, but I understand its placement, and Taylormade’s implementation wasn’t at all distracting. Blue also happens to be my favorite color, and this 60s esque Stingray Blue looking color looks fantastic so score a biased point for that one.


    The sole look has also been improved over the original SIM, and I love that they were able to get away with adding carbon fiber on the bottom as well. It looks as if it “glides” for lack of a better word. I personally am also happy that there is no track system. Not only do I like the clean look better, but those tracks ended up getting crap in them all the time, and I am just glad that that’s one less thing that I have to worry about. I would have confidence in my head if I am looking down at this driver behind the ball.


    Sound and Feel:

    The sound is a very satisfying combination of pitch and tone. It’s an aggressive but not overwhelming THWACK sound, that gives you a little lower tone depth instead of a higher piercing tone. And it’s not muted either, it’s still got its volume, it just changes that tone perfectly. Think more like the sound off of a composite baseball bat than a wooden one. If you are a fan of the old wooden bat style noise, I still don’t think you will be disappointed, because the tone, although lower still comes off with a nice impact noise. Instead of just muted the “crack” completely they just changed its tone. It’s a really great middle ground, that I can imagine being really appealing to a large audience. Hitting a ball out of the middle of the face makes others turn and look to see what club the sound came from.


    As far as feel is concerned, you know when you hit it well. It gives you the feedback, you can feel the ball strapping on jetpacks and taking off from the face. On bad impacts you know where you missed right away because the clubhead tells you. It’s very subtle so as not to make you feel bad about your mishit, but it’s enough that you can call your miss, which I appreciate. Higher off of the face you’ll feel the club ‘sweep’ a little bit, and lower on the face you will feel the club pushing through just a little harder to compensate. Missing toe to heel is a familiar (and welcome) feeling from my LTD; a subtle hint of mishit without drastically throwing you off, or giving you a mental blocking feel of the mishit. It’s a very comforting way of feeling forgiveness in the driver.



    In my last review posted I talked about my Cobra LTD Pro that I still use today. In that review I stated over and over again in different words how consistent it was. Since then the only thing that has even come close to as consistent was the Callaway Epic Sub Zero.


    Hitting my current setup against this SIM2 setup, I was absolutely shocked. Granted, in the time since that last review I have definitely improved as a golfer, so I myself am better. But comparing it in real time to what’s in my bag, after about 20 hits… I was ready to switch. The head just flat out performed. As I stated earlier, it handled mishits so well from a feel perspective, it it was really confidence inspiring to see it show on the data as well. Mishits seemed to lose more distance than dispersion, and it kept my spin numbers within reasonable margins. Immediately I believed that this is Twist Face doing its intended job. On any given swing it felt like the club was doing exactly what I felt it was doing. My normal swing path created my baby fade shot, and when I slightly played with different shot shapes, it did what I expected without exaggerating it. I’m not known for my ability to shape my driver, so if I can do it with the SIM2; anybody can.


    In my 2021 driver testing I am sitting anywhere from 173-177mph ball speed on 115-118 mph swing speeds. Hitting the SIM2 I saw my numbers consistently staying on the high end, within 1mph of each other when I did my part. There was some speed loss high and low on the face which is to be expected, and I will give a little bit of credit to twist face, that high toe or low heel did maintain relative ball speed for the strike. The head also helped maintain relative spin numbers on my mishits, and I never got an “oof” reaction from any of my mishits.


    The stability of the head was my biggest takeaway. It never felt out of control. If something had happened in my swing the head was still delivering my numbers that I would want to see. Nothing was ever a surprise, which is a big deal to me in a driver. I’m going to mishit the ball, but if those numbers are inconsistent I can’t trust the head from one round to the next. Going to a slightly more tip stiff shaft allowed me to take advantage of the stability of the head, marrying both together to create a truly predictable and consistent performance.


    My numbers on this setup were averaging around 12* launch, 170mph ball speed, and 2850 spin. The spin never jumped above 3000 or below 2700 and the launch stayed in between 11.8* – 12.5*


    Final Thoughts:

    I still have yet to test some of the 2021 heads, but this is at the top of my list right now. I would be comfortable replacing my Cobra/Kuro setup with this SIM2/Synergy setup. I did notice myself teeing the ball just a little bit higher than I normally do, and that seemed to help me hit that perfect sweet spot on the face, with a really attractive launch. I will also say that I do believe there is something to the twist face technology if you are a player who misses heel to toe. If you are looking for something to give you a little more confidence on each strike, I’d highly recommend trying a fitting with a SIM.



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